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mid-week honesty and some little facts

The paragraph that follows is going to make me sound incredibly materialistic, but for the sake of keeping this blog honest, I feel the need to share it.

Back in late February I told Shawn I wouldn't spend any more money on new clothes until after we move at the end of April. At first it was tough, unbelievably tough; I really didn't realize how much I used shopping as a cure for boredom. Wait... that makes it sound much worse than what I mean. I wasn't spending a ton of money on clothes each month prior to said promise, but out of pure boredom I was spending at least an hour or two on my days off perusing places like Target, Old Navy, the Gap, and our local Salvation Army thrift store. Most times I would go with the intention of just browsing but I'd always inevitably come home with one or two items that were on super sale, or just a great deal. So I was probably spending about $15-$20 a week on something clothing related, all because I went into stores just to browse and then found something I "needed" or "have been looking for". And each time I would sheepishly hold up my purchases while Shawn just shook his head. Well, I'm proud to say that I haven't set foot into any of these places since late February, and I've kept my promise of not purchasing anything along the lines of clothes, shoes, or the like. And! I haven't gotten bored with my wardrobe either, so it's an all-around win. There's some honesty for ya.

And here are this week's Little Facts:

Little Facts

The Body: I turn into a furnace at night. It's really a shame because I love the weight of feather comforters but I can't stand the heat. I usually end up kicking off half the blankets partway through the night because my body just creates so much warmth!

Peeve: It really annoys me when people have loud and inappropriate conversations on their cell phones in public places. Yes, I understand that it's a cell phone, but that doesn't mean I want to hear every single detail about the party you were at last night or how your adoption papers finally went through (seriously!) while I'm shopping for my groceries.

Allergy: I started getting seasonal allergies two years ago when we first moved out here. This year was the worst; I've spent the last two weeks blowing through tissue boxes and not being able to taste anything. I'm happy to say that I am finally starting to feel better this week. The highlight of last week was being able to taste food again!


  1. I am envious of your shopping willpower - I have NONE. I was laid off in January so I have a LOT of downtime while my kids are in school so I find myself at Target or Old Navy or wherever else quite often. I need to nip this in the bud now before my severance pay runs out (but I still have two months to go, ha!).


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