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Fun Finds Friday #7

I haven't done one of these in a while! It's certainly not for lack of finding fun things... I actually have a long list to share but we've been traveling to the house on Friday afternoons and I never have the time to write up a post. So this week I put it together on Wednesday, because I'm just awesome like that. Here are some Fun Finds for your Friday:

As a fan of to-do lists, this ^ is one amazing list. I particularly like that last one.
Source: I'm terrible at remembering to source certain things... I believe this is from tumblr.

I think I'd like to plant a small moon garden; they're full of flowers that bloom at night.

Table manners, illustrated. (This is one of ten.)
I also feel this way about people who add milk & sugar to their coffee before tasting it.

I want this book. It's one long checklist of things you might possibly be good at.

All I have to say about this is... Bill and Hilary Clinton, in the 70's. Ha!
Source: Google images; no direct link

I follow a ton of blogs already, but am constantly coming across new inspiring ones; so I'd like to start sharing one new blog with you in each FFF post. This week it's a food blog full of beautiful writing, photographs, and recipes by a lovely couple. This post encompasses how I've been feeling about moving lately.

Perhaps I should start sharing a video in each of these posts too? I would certainly feel awful if I ended this post without sharing a link to this video of a drunk Canadian guy singing Bohemian Rhapsody in the back of a police car. Seriously; watch it.

Have an amazing Friday!


  1. ha that first list cracked me up! as did the table manners cartoon :)

    p.s. thanks to you, i changed blogger interface back but that warning at the top that the new one is still coming is so damn ominous!


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