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Cats and Burgers

...that's mainly what this last weekend consisted of. Along with a good ol' Jersey diner breakfast with friends, moving various furniture around, organizing things in the kitchen, and some deep cleaning of the pantry. I didn't get pictures of the latter though; you really don't want to know what the pantry looked like before we attacked it with cleaning products....

25 Burgers are the best of the fast-food burgers; don't even try to argue otherwise.

These cats needed some spring-time grooming!

They woke us up at 7am demanding to be fed.
Waking up that early is so much more pleasant when cats are involved though.

We've already moved most of our odds and ends from the apartment to the house; all we have left to move is all of our furniture, clothes, electronics, and various kitchen things. In less than twenty days we should be all moved in! There's still so much cleaning to do though, on both ends!


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