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We're Almost On The Move...

Saturday is the big day! Moving day, to be specific. Some friends are swinging by to help us move the bigger items like the couch, bed, and our desks... things that won't fit in my tiny hatchback. Aside from that, most other things are already at the house. Our now-minimalistic apartment is actually kind of sad... the walls are bare, the fridge is almost empty, and there's nothing left in any of the many closets. We've spent two years here and all we really have to show for it are a couple of pictures and some memories. This move is bittersweet - I'm sad to leave the job and people that I've gotten to know for the last two years, but I'm really excited to see what happens next, and to be back amongst old friends.

We made two trips this past weekend; our usual Friday night-Saturday trip, and another ride out Monday-Tuesday to celebrate my brother's birthday. I made him a key lime cheesecake on Monday night, along with some candied lime zest (...which would ha…

Fun Finds Friday #7

I haven't done one of these in a while! It's certainly not for lack of finding fun things... I actually have a long list to share but we've been traveling to the house on Friday afternoons and I never have the time to write up a post. So this week I put it together on Wednesday, because I'm just awesome like that. Here are some Fun Finds for your Friday:

As a fan of to-do lists, this ^ is one amazing list. I particularly like that last one.
Source: I'm terrible at remembering to source certain things... I believe this is from tumblr.

I think I'd like to plant a small moon garden; they're full of flowers that bloom at night.

Table manners, illustrated. (This is one of ten.)
I also feel this way about people who add milk & sugar to their coffee before tasting it.

I want this book. It's one long checklist of things you might possibly be good at.

All I have to say about this is... Bill and Hilary Clinton, in the 70's. Ha!
Source: Google images; no …

Another Weekend

Things have been quiet on the blog lately because life in general hasn't been very exciting. Our weekends consist of gradually moving things from the apartment to the house, and my weekdays are consumed with the last of my work days at the coffee shop. So between coffee, baking, and spending time in a nearly empty apartment (we're moving all our electronics and smaller furniture this weekend, leaving us with a bed, couch, and some empty desks) and weekends spent organizing and cleaning things at the house... every day is just a waiting game until the end of the month.

We can't wait to be back in New Jersey for good! These last few weeks have felt just like this time two years ago... a period of being in limbo and not quite feeling like we're living anywhere anymore. We're both ready to just be done with all this moving. Can we please just skip forward to one and half weeks from now?

Cats and Burgers

...that's mainly what this last weekend consisted of. Along with a good ol' Jersey diner breakfast with friends, moving various furniture around, organizing things in the kitchen, and some deep cleaning of the pantry. I didn't get pictures of the latter though; you really don't want to know what the pantry looked like before we attacked it with cleaning products....

25 Burgers are the best of the fast-food burgers; don't even try to argue otherwise.

These cats needed some spring-time grooming!

They woke us up at 7am demanding to be fed.
Waking up that early is so much more pleasant when cats are involved though.

We've already moved most of our odds and ends from the apartment to the house; all we have left to move is all of our furniture, clothes, electronics, and various kitchen things. In less than twenty days we should be all moved in! There's still so much cleaning to do though, on both ends!

Weekend Instagram

Yes, I know it's Thursday. And yes, most of these photos are actually from last Saturday. But I don't care! Better late then never, right? We spent Saturday in New Jersey where we started a fire, made some pancake biscuits/scrambled pancakes, and stopped at Cluck U on the way back. Here's hoping the weather is a little warmer for this coming Saturday's trip... we'd like to get a little yard work done.

homemade chicken fried rice // it's not a trip to NJ without some Cluck U
Shawn started a fire on a chilly Saturday // then he made sure it didn't die
pancakes gone awry yet delicious // steak and some simple sides

And now for something completely different...

Fuzzy muffins! Yes, that's right, they're feeling fuzzy.
Don't mock my muffins. Shawn's the artist in this family.

mid-week honesty and some little facts

The paragraph that follows is going to make me sound incredibly materialistic, but for the sake of keeping this blog honest, I feel the need to share it.

Back in late February I told Shawn I wouldn't spend any more money on new clothes until after we move at the end of April. At first it was tough, unbelievably tough; I really didn't realize how much I used shopping as a cure for boredom. Wait... that makes it sound much worse than what I mean. I wasn't spending a ton of money on clothes each month prior to said promise, but out of pure boredom I was spending at least an hour or two on my days off perusing places like Target, Old Navy, the Gap, and our local Salvation Army thrift store. Most times I would go with the intention of just browsing but I'd always inevitably come home with one or two items that were on super sale, or just a great deal. So I was probably spending about $15-$20 a week on something clothing related, all because I went into stores just to browse …