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Piece of Cake Pie

We ate/made a good amount of food last week. I have a few iPhone photos to share with you:

beef stew, chocolate pudding pie on pi day
spring colors, blackberry thumbprint cookies
multitude of muffins, fudge-licious brownies

The thumbprint cookies, muffins, and brownies were all made at work, just so you don't think we indulged overwhelmingly! Although I did make some peanut butter - chocolate chip - m&m cookies at home that aren't pictured...

And in honor of Pi Day (3.14), I made a chocolate pudding pie on Wednesday. I didn't want to make an apple pie because I prefer berry pies, personally... but it's not the season for berries, and I wasn't really feeling the heaviness of a custard pie. After a bit of searching I found a recipe for chocolate pudding pie over on Smitten Kitchen. Deb always has the best recipes!

To be honest, Shawn and I aren't the biggest fans of pie. He's a cake guy, and I'm a tart girl- I'll take a chocolate ganache tart or lemon tart over a slice of pie any day... but it was Pi Day! So I had to make some sort of pie, and what's better than chocolate pudding pie?! Especially topped with a generous amount of whipped cream... I don't hear anyone complaining. And there's still more than half of it left over... this is why I rarely make big desserts at home; we can't finish them between just the two of us. It is exceptionally light and delicious though!

Did you indulge in a slice of pie for Pi Day?


  1. I LOVE Pi Day. My husband didn't grow up with it so he doesn't think it's nearly as cool as I do. But I definitely made pie (chocolate coconut) and we celebrated with some friends.

    This post gave me a serious craving for sweets.

    1. I didn't know about Pi Day until I got to high school and the math team made a point to celebrate it; they'd design a new t-shirt for it each year!
      And you've got me craving chocolate coconut pie now! That sounds amazing.

  2. Oh man all of those treats are making me hungry!

    See Me Rwar


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