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Little Facts

I don't have much to say today, so here are this week's Little Facts for ya.

Words: I love how a single word can completely lose its meaning when you repeat it out loud over and over again to yourself. After a while it just becomes sound.

Fear: Shawn works at a restaurant so his hours are always tentative and I never know exactly when he'll be home, but I have a somewhat irrational fear anytime he's more than a half hour late from closing-time and I haven't heard from him, that something terrible has happened to him and that I won't hear about it for days because no will think to contact me.

Childhood: I used to play with barbies, but not in the traditional sense. I'd build these elaborate houses and furniture for them out of cardboard boxes and then print out pictures from the internet to hang as artwork or use as rugs... I think I was more interested in that than playing with the actual Barbies.


  1. The same thing happens to me when I read one work over and over. I forget what it means and just focus on how weird it looks! Haha.

    See Me Rwar

  2. I have the exact same fear about my boyfriend! If he's going somewhere, and I don't hear from him for a little while, I start going into panic mode.


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