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Thrifted Finds

A few months ago I found out about a Salvation Army thrift store nearby. I was told that they had a rather large selection of quality things at affordable prices, including clothes, furniture, and assorted home goods.

The first time I went they actually had an organ(!) which I took a picture of for Shawn. If we had the space for it in our apartment I would not have hesitated to buy it. I didn't end up getting the organ, but I did find this wool Anthropologie sweater for a mere five dollars!

Since then, I've been making a point to go there every few weeks and scope out the newest selections... I've been getting much better at finding brand-name items.

On my latest trip I made quite a few finds: an Alfani silk skirt, a patterned Banana Republic pencil skirt, a colorful striped Lands End button-up shirt, a Kenneth Cole blazer for nights out, and a cotton military-inspired coat for when the weather warms up.

The Kenneth Cole blazer was a steal! As in, I paid for it, but I feel like someone other than me definitely lost money on that deal. It appears to never have been worn, since the original tags are still on there. Lets see... I saved $103.00 on that blazer! My mother would be proud; she's the best bargain shopper I know. Thus, I learned from the best. The blazer is actually a touch too large for me, but at that price, I don't mind getting it tailored some time down the line.

And don't worry, I always browse the men's aisles too. Where do you think Shawn gets all his old man shirts from? They have so many colorful summer plaids, but I stick to blues and greens for him. I never thought I'd be the sort of woman who dresses her man, but shhhh... I think he appreciates it ;)

Happy thrifting!


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