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Help! I Can't Decide!

With warmer weather just around the corner, and the ever-expanding amount of skirts in my closet, I'm on the market for some new sandals. I love the comfort of my Birkenstocks but I'd like to find a just-as-comfy pair of sandals that are slightly less... hippie-esque. I've been doing a little online shopping but I'm a terrible decision maker and just can't choose between these:

1. Merrell Henna
2. Merrell Barefoot Spirit Wrap
3. Big Buddha Kind
4. Simple Teetoe

I really like the bold print on the Big Buddha sandals but I feel as though it might be a bit much for every-day wear. Plus, I'm not familiar with the brand so I don't know how comfortable/supportive they are.

Simple, on the other hand, is my favorite brand for sneakers so I can only imagine the sandals are just as comfortable; I'm just not sold on the particular style (they only have white left). Scratch that. Apparently they've sold out since I wrote this post on Saturday....

My favorites from the bunch are the Merrell sandals. My only hesitations are that - 1. I can't decide between the two, and 2. they're much more expensive. I do realize that although it's a lot of money up front, Merrell shoes are ultimately worth it, and I'd be wearing them for years to come. I also feel like I'd be able to wear either pair pretty much constantly, without worrying about discomfort.

And yes, upon further reflection I do realize these all look fairly hippie-esque too. What can I say? I'm bohemian at heart. Or at least on my feet...
Which ones do you like? Would you drop some money on Merrell sandals?


  1. I like the first pair best - and you're right, the more you spend will initially be a pretty steep out of pocket, but it'll be a well worth it investment in the long run. :)

  2. Loving 3..... and 1 is my second choice :-P

  3. none are my style...BUT this storiy reminded me of some things...(1st pair is best*wink wink*)


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