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A Few Days of Instagram

(my home try-on frames from Warby Parker arrived on Thursday / perfecting the sausage, egg, & cheese / Shawn enjoys a good Boston Creme / dog treats under way / more donuts from the local Amish market / I can make a killer grilled cheese)

I have three days off in a row for the first time in... well, a very long time. I managed to gain an extra day this week because a coworker owed me a favor (ie. a shift in exchange for another). Lucky for me, Shawn has two of those three days off as well!

We spent Thursday running errands, like picking up groceries (donuts included), going to the post office, and doing the laundry, because our life is just glamorous like that. Friday I'll be taking a solo trip out to New Jersey to visit my family and some friends while Shawn is hard at work. And we've made no definite plans for Saturday, but I'm trying to convince Shawn to take a trip to the local Salvation Army with me... they have lots of old man shirts there that he'll like.

Oh, and yes, the blog has had a new look as of Thursday afternoon as well. It's probably the quickest layout I've put together so far, and I'm very pleased with the outcome. You know me though... I'll probably change it again in a few months.

Enjoy the weekend!