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Saturdays Are Sweet

Over the last few weeks Shawn and I have both had Saturdays off together. The rest of the week usually consists of me working mornings and him working afternoons, then we see each other for just a few hours each night before it repeats again the next day. So having a whole day off together is like a really mini vacation for us. We try to relax, while still getting things done that we weren't able to get to during the rest of the week.

Two Saturdays ago we woke up to beautiful skies and 50 degree weather (Um, it is January still, right?) so we went for a nice long walk - 4.5 miles - around the neighborhood and through one of the many large cemeteries nearby. This Saturday we didn't get quite as lucky, temperatures were back down to the low 30s and we bundled up and walked against the wind just to get some butter for some good ole cookie-making.

There's nothing better than a big plate of comforting breakfast foods to start off a chilly Saturday morning, right? We usually make home fries and bacon with scrambled eggs, but we had some Texas Toast on hand so I swapped out the eggs for some custardy french toast topped with maple syrup.

Our walk to the store was not for-naught! I needed butter to make some chocolate chip cookies, our most favorite of indulgences. This specific batch also contained bursts of mini peanut butter chips and mini peanut butter M&Ms.

...I think we need to make breakfast, (long walks!) and cookies a Saturday tradition. Hopefully Shawn agrees.