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A Week In October

I've been trying to be better about updating the blog on a more regular basis... but I must not be doing a very good job because this is another 'this week in photos' recap post. Eh, nothing wrong with those I guess!

On Sunday my family and I celebrated my mom's birthday with a lamb and potato dinner and a dark chocolate raspberry truffle cake that I made just for the occasion.

On Tuesday I made a vanilla pound cake that turned out beautifully - buttery and dense yet with a soft light crumb and crunchy exterior. The best part is, it gets even better as it sits!

On Wednesday I took that same pound cake and turned some of it into french toast. It was just as indulgent and satisfying as it sounds.

Later that day I also went to the farmer's market and brought home some of the last summer corn. The farmer threw in a few extra because these were much smaller than usual. We love sweet corn! (evidenced by a very similar meal just last week) There's just nothing like local corn on the cob.

On Thursday I had a fantastic dinner with my mom at the restaurant where I worked in their pastry department for 1.5 years prior. The dinner was three courses followed by a buffet of various intricately constructed desserts... so tasty! There are no pictures from that night but I thought it was still worth mentioning.

Oh, and at some point in the week I also finally uploaded the photos I took at Longwood Gardens. You can check them out on flickr if you'd like! Shawn still has to sort through his. Here are a few of my favorites:

And that pretty much sums up the week! Here's to the weekend.