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Breakfast Platter

Having grown up in New Jersey, to me (and I'm sure Shawn would also agree) there's no better breakfast sandwich than a pork roll, egg & cheese on a kaiser bun (The band Ween even wrote a song about it!). Bacon is yummy as all hell, and so is sausage... but if you want a true breakfast sandwich, pork roll is where it's at! Unfortunately, pork roll seems to be primarily a Jersey thing- good luck trying to find some outside of the tri-state area. The packaged stuff is in most grocery stores, but finding a deli/restaurant that makes sandwiches with it is a whole other story. Lucky for us, there's a small deli only four miles away that serves up some of the best pork roll egg & cheese sandwiches I have ever tasted...

But that's not what this breakfast post is about, because I didn't get a pork roll egg & cheese this morning... I got a breakfast platter. Two eggs (over-easy for me!), with cheese, hash browns, and toast. With a side of pancakes. Yes, you r…

A Tuesday Off

Shawn and I haven't had a single day off together since the mini vacation we took almost three weeks ago. (Our stay-cation consisted of three requested days off in a row together - it rained all of that week so instead of semi-planned activities around the city we ended up staying in the apartment and watched a bunch of movies and old tv shows. We took that trip to Longwood Gardens on the only day the sun came out.) Since then, we've seen each other briefly in the mornings and for a few hours in the evening when we each get back from our respective work places. It's pretty lame, I'll be honest, but I guess that's just how 'being an adult' goes. We gotta pay those bills, yo.

On my lonesome days off I'm always itching to find things to do, something to help pass the time. I'm not really much of a tv watcher - the computer/internet is my vice and if I'm not careful I can get sucked into the computer screen for a few hours. So to give my eyes a much …

Time for a New Look!

I'm not the only one changing my appearance around here. As you may or may not have noticed, over the weekend got a whole new design! Gone are the days of grey and yellow with double sidebar action - it was time for a change... we had the old theme up for far too many months in a row. (Especially compared to how often we used to go through new themes!) So here's another simple design with some more exciting colors and a couple of new features.

First things first, we have a new tag line! Recollections of daily life: things we've seen, made, & done. When Shawn originally purchased a few years ago it was a little spot for him to post his photography. When we decided to use it as the domain for our blog in 2009 I struggled to find a tag line that properly encompassed what the blog was about while still tying in the name. It took me over a year but I think I finally accomplished that.

But back to the new look!

Up at the very top you&…

A Week In October

I've been trying to be better about updating the blog on a more regular basis... but I must not be doing a very good job because this is another 'this week in photos' recap post. Eh, nothing wrong with those I guess!

On Sunday my family and I celebrated my mom's birthday with a lamb and potato dinner and a dark chocolate raspberry truffle cake that I made just for the occasion.

On Tuesday I made a vanilla pound cake that turned out beautifully - buttery and dense yet with a soft light crumb and crunchy exterior. The best part is, it gets even better as it sits!

On Wednesday I took that same pound cake and turned some of it into french toast. It was just as indulgent and satisfying as it sounds.

Later that day I also went to the farmer's market and brought home some of the last summer corn. The farmer threw in a few extra because these were much smaller than usual. We love sweet corn! (evidenced by a very similar meal just last week) There's just nothing like local …