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Lazy Rainy Days

By now you've all probably heard about Hurricane Irene, and I'm glad I don't have to give you all the details because honestly, I'm tired of hearing about it. Irene is all anyone could talk about at work for the last few days: "Oh, have you heard about the hurricane?" "So how about this storm, huh?" "Are you prepared for Irene?" ... yes, I've heard about the hurricane. What storm? All I see is rain. And I'm as prepared as I feel I need to be. I bought a 24-pack of bottled water and three cans of Campbell's Select Harvest soups, then Shawn and I chuckled about everyone else stocking up like crazy on things such as bread and frozen and microwave meals... uh, Hello? Anybody home? If the power goes out, your freezer and microwave are going to be pretty darn useless, don't you think?

Anyways, I thought I'd give you all and update and say - we're ok. Our area wasn't hit with much other than lots and lots of rain, extensive wind, and a power flicker in the middle of the night. Really, nothing we haven't dealt with before.

Honestly, the only downside to this whole Irene business is that I'm at home all by lonesome today while Shawn's working the afternoon away. Ok, maybe I worded that all wrong; the downside isn't that I'm home, it's that my work day got cancelled and Shawn's didn't. So instead of both working the afternoon away, or both being at home together... well, you get the point.

Lame-o. I've had to find little ways to pass the time; so I made a batch of oat & maple scones (they're so adorably tiny and packed full of moist maple yumminess!). I also put the extra effort into making lunch - boiled some pasta, cooked up some spinach, reheated a little pasta sauce, and fried up an egg to throw on top (actually, I fried up two eggs because the yolk broke on the first one... and seriously, what's the point of topping something with a fried egg that's not a little runny?)

Next, I plan on catching up on the latest few episodes of My Drunk Kitchen. Maybe after that I'll be more motivated to do a simple sewing project I've had sitting around (taking a big pillowcase and shrinking it to fit a different pillow; so simple but I'm so lazy.) And who knows? Maybe that small step into sewing world will motivate me to start one of the many other sewing projects on my list... doubtful.

All in all, I'm in agreement with Shawn's initial assessment of the storm: the media hyped everything up to get people to spend some money and give the economy a much needed boost. Well played, media, well played.