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We interrupt your usual programming with...

Just a few things from last week...

The last day off that I had was a productive one. I started the day off with a quick run around the neighborhood, cooled off for a bit and then made some whole wheat chocolate chip scones.

Scones are a very rare occurrence here (I make 4-5 batches of them each week at work already- it's just not one of those things I want to make when I'm at home) Hence, Shawn's excitement at my extra effort that morning. And I made a full batch so we still have a few in the freezer to be baked and consumed on other mornings! Hooray!

Apparently I was in a particularly bake-y mood that day because I also made a whole wheat loaf! Bread is also a rare item here because we only buy it when we plan on making burgers (or indulging in an artisan loaf on the very rare occasion); any other time we're craving bread I have to decide to make it. And making bread always takes time. Time is hard to find most of the time.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that I made salted caramel brownie sundaes?! Um, because I totally did. With homemade salted caramel and homemade brownies and, well, the only thing that wasn't made from scratch was the ice cream. (Shhh! We don't have an ice cream maker!) Indulgence at its best.

Aside from our yummy existence and my unusually motivated day off... that's about it. Sorry, we're not really all that exciting.

Also, if you haven't seen them yet, Shawn uploaded some of his old film photography to Flickr. All photos that even I'd never seen before!

Now I leave you with a fuzzy photo of a squirrel. Not the best photo, but this little bugger was watching me through our living room window for what seemed like for-ever. Squirrels are getting weird, man...