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More Market Madness

Farmer's market produce this week: lettuce, blueberries, scallions, potatoes. Along with a pound of buffalo and a pound of beef. Yep, there are meat guys at the market too!

First up: blueberry pancakes for breakfast. (with the berries I hadn't already munched on...) Blueberry pancakes look like little aliens to me... with lots of big dark eyes. But they're damn tasty! Tasty little alien pancakes. Shawn says they remind him of lotus fruit pods.
I'm sorry if you clicked on that link. Those are just creepy looking. (More aliens maybe?)

Next, we used up the lettuce in a homemade chicken caesar salad last night. We've made our own caesar dressing a few times already, each time using a different recipe. This time it was unimpressive and lacked flavor, so I'm not going to share it with you. Back to the drawing board next time!

This next photo doesn't actually utilize any of my farmer's market buys, but it's still a photo well worth sharing.

S'mores candy ba…

A little behind...

A whole week went by and no one told me?! ...
Here are a couple of photos from last week:

I had the idea of strawberry upside down cake in my head for a while before I finally made one. Different recipes for strawberry upside down cake started popping up on various food blogs over last few weeks, so I finally took the hint and made one with those farmer's market berries. The cake was also made with whole wheat flour and a little pineapple juice - a lovely combination of ingredients if I do say so myself.

Pasta with sauteed spring onions and green beans, topped with shaved parmesan. Our cheese grater broke a while ago and we have yet to find a decent replacement. In the meantime, we're just using a peeler to 'shave' cheese onto things.

Shawn didn't get to have any of this pasta... our schedule is conflicting 70% of the time (I've been working mostly morning shifts and he works in the afternoon/evening; we try to have at least one day off each week that we can spend…

Nothing Better Than Fresh Bread

A French-style bakery opened earlier this week less than a mile and a half down the road from us. As anyone who knows me well can imagine, I am pretty darn excited about it. If there is one thing I could wish for in this world, it's that everyone should have easy access to freshly baked bread. It's just one of many things the French got right when it comes to breakfast and food indulgence (along with cheese, champagne, and dessert), and I've never been able to understand why here in America people just can't seem to wrap their brains around buying freshly baked bread on a regular basis instead of heavily preserved 'bread' loaves that are made to last for weeks on end. Needless to say, I am beyond excited about having a bakery that can provide such things within walking distance.

I took a walk up there earlier today but was saddened to find that they had already sold out of all their buttery pastries (I was really hoping for a pain au chocolat!) and opted for a b…

Herbs and Farmers Market Season

One week ago we took a trip to our local Target's garden center and picked out a couple of different indoor-growing-friendly herbs and a bag of soil. We also got suckered in by two lonely garden gnomes that were hanging out on a nearby shelf... they only cost $15 each so we couldn't resist. (And if you know anything about gnomes... buying just one when there's a pair standing there is completely out of the question. You don't want to encounter the gnome curse! Trust me, you're much better off leaving no one behind.)

What? Haven't we told you about our gnome collection? Yeah, we're those people.

The two colorful ones on the outside are the newest addition to the family. Gnomie East and Gnomie West were acquired from Home Goods last summer. The tall guy is the oldest Gnomie - I found him at another Home Goods a few years ago; he's the only one that has actually spent time outside, but one day we hope to have a real garden for them all to look over.

We picked…

Weekend Recap! One Week Later...

Whenever I happen to mention to Shawn that I don't post on here as often as I'd like, or that the flickr is full of photos I've never gotten around to posting here, he always reminds me that I don't have to be so wordy all the time and that I can do mostly-photo posts every once in a while too. Well, Shawn... you have a point. (Shh! Just don't tell him I said that.)

So I'll try to keep it short this time. Key word in that sentence... try.

Here are a few things I've been diggin' lately:
- Pandora's Jurassic 5 channel (seriously, it's all music to my ears)

- amazingly delicious strawberries from the farmer's market (can you think of anything better than local produce? besides homemade cookies?? I didn't think so.)

- our newly re-arranged living room; we moved Shawn's keyboards back to our desk area and put the bookcase in it's place, leaving us with better defined 'office' and 'living' spaces:

- the little details in our …