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Oh April, where did you go?

Hello there! How are you folks holding up these days? What's that? We've only posted once throughout the entire month of April??? And it's already four days away from being May?? By-golly, you're absolutely right! Hopefully a lengthy post full of mostly photos will make up for our disappearance. If not, then I don't know what else to offer you, because that's all I've got.

Mmm... peanut butter dip, of sorts. It's actually the filling to some (not so)fancy little snacks I'll be posting about later this week. It was pretty good as a dip too though.

Herbed potatoes and kielbasa tomato bake - made by me! It's my yummiest savory food attempt yet.

Homemade cheesesteaks with sausage, onions, and marinara sauce on focaccia rolls.
(Of course we made this for dinner on the same day I had a bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys for lunch while Shawn was at work... my stomach was ready to murder me that night. I guess that's what I get for getting a burger without Shawn.)

I've been on a cookie bar kick lately - these were with chocolate chips and easter M&Ms. Cookie bars are so much chewier than round cookies! The double chocolate & cherry ones I make for work have the amazing texture of raw cookie dough.

I made a lemon meringue cake for my brother's 18th birthday last weekend.

... I guess 18 is as good an age as any to get your first lemon meringue facial. The rest of the cake wasn't any less tasty. I'd even say it was better than pie!

And just in case you've forgotten what we look like...

A great candid shot of Shawn. It reminds me of film stills. I should throw some sub-titles in there 'A-Ok' or something corny like that.

Shawn actually managed to get a picture of me smiling! It's a rare occurrence, considering I seem to make funny faces every single time there's a camera in front of me. I have photographic evidence of these claims, but I don't feel like looking for them at the moment. We're actually about to head over to Five Guys for dinner.... don't judge me. Sometimes a girl just needs a burger... twice in two weeks.