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Making Lemonade...

Yesterday our television made a decision no one asked it to... it decided it no longer wanted to function.

I came home from work to a very angry looking Shawn sitting in the couch with a magazine, across from a blank tv screen. To which I jokingly asked, "Is something wrong with the tv?", only to get a glaring 'look' from said angry-looking-Shawn. After a long pause he finally explained that the tv mysteriously went dark in the middle of a commercial break during Lets Make a Deal that morning, and every attempt to turn it back on since has resulted in a blank screen with a low buzzing noise.

Odd, considering the television is just a little over two years old... too young to be having that kind of trouble but too old to still be under any sort of warranty. We're upset, to say the least, considering we certainly can't afford a new television right now, along with all the other appliances on our wish list. Shawn's just happy it died after Superbowl weekend.

But why did I title this post 'Making Lemonade'? Because that's exactly what we did, despite the unfortunate circumstance. Shawn's an intelligent fellow, I'm happy to say, so he was able to make a temporary solution by switching out the dead 26" tv screen with my rarely-used 23" computer monitor that he subsequently linked up with his computer. At least now we can still watch things on Netflix instant queue (ah, Netflix saves the day again). We're not really sure where to go from here though.

Sigh... anybody have an extra unused television lying around?