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Getting Lost in Snow Days...

The view outside our kitchen window last Wednesday.

Snow, snow, snow... am I right? We've gotten close to 20 inches here just during the month of January! I think we'll be looking at giant snow piles well into March/April... I'm just looking forward to some sunny days - it's been so grey out lately! And we haven't taken a walk in far too long... the sidewalks just haven't been very forgiving this month (snow turns to slush turns to ice turns to Ouch!).

There is one good thing about being 'snowed-in' though - as long as you're well-equipped with the proper food and movies, it's the ultimate day of comfort. I mean what's better than sitting around in pajamas in front of the telly and munching away on comfort food while keeping each other warm all day? It certainly didn't hurt our recent addiction... LOST. Yes, that's right, we're newfound LOST fans. Netflix recently acquired all six seasons for Instant Queue... Shawn was already six episodes into the first season when I came home from work last Tuesday and, well, it's all been a bit of a blur since then. Lets just say, it's now one week later and we're already a third of the way through season three (and each season has about 25 episodes). We lost ourselves in a snow day... har har har.

Tomato-pepper-onion pasta.

Don't worry though, despite all that, we still made some tasty food efforts too. Here's a peek at a few things we have in store for you:

Honey-mustard Chicken; a recipe adapted from our new Trader Joe's cookbook.

I'm finally going to post the recipe for this amazing lemon loaf!

And keep your eyes open for these delicious chocolate buttermilk cookies.

So tell us, how did you spend your snow days? and have you ever gotten immediately addicted to a tv series? The only other series that's ever gotten to me that way was Six Feet Under.