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What we've been up to...

So we've been a tad M-I-A for the past three or so weeks, and for that, I apologize. It's not that we haven't been busy... we've been cooking and baking plenty and Shawn's had plenty to rant about, but we've also been watching plenty of 90's movies and episodes of the X-files... so we've both been a little lazy, too. Can you blame us? I've been a little tired of the internet as of late, I must admit; so much less of my time is spent clicking away in front of the computer screen these days - apparently that's a good thing for me, but not a good thing for any of our loyal blog readers.

I really don't have a good excuse other than having shifted my focus to the Bark Bites website two weeks ago. If you're wondering what on earth Bark Bites is, it's my homemade organic dog treat business - check it out! The idea has been in the works for over a year now, and I finally got my rear-end into gear and started promoting myself. With our recent acquirement of a color printer, making labels and flyers has a been a whole lot easier, and my motivation to push forth with the business returned. No orders yet, but at least I'm getting the name out there.

Like I said though, we've been cooking and baking plenty. I'll tease you with some photos from the past few weeks, and leave you with the promise to post a few of these new recipes soon. And by soon, I mean maybe a few days instead of a few weeks this time.

I've been in a bread baking mood since autumn set in; I've made this whole wheat loaf three times now and I wouldn't change anything about the recipe - it's absolutely perfect, and I absolutely must share it with you!

I also made a cinnamon raisin loaf, and albeit being tasty, the dough was a huge pain to work with and most of my raisins ended up on the floor... I'll be tweaking this recipe.

Rice Krispie treats? How about rice krispie treats made with peanut butter and agave nectar instead of marshmallows? Mmm. Healthier and tastier!

That was a chocolate loaf cake that didn't last very long at all. Oh, indulgence.

Speaking of indulgence, have you ever had brownie pie? You're seriously missing out.

Shawn made some tasty things too! He's working on his meatloaf recipe.

We came across this pepper phenomenon one night while prepping for sausage & peppers... not just one germinated seed - every single pepper we'd bought that day had some!

We all know I'm more of a baker than a cook... but when Shawn was coming down with a cold last week I couldn't very well ask him to cook, so I made his some homemade chicken noodle soup - the ultimate cold cure! It was deeeee-licious, if I do say so myself.

We'll leave the real cooking to Shawn though - he made some awesome smoked cheesesteaks the other day when we couldn't find sausage for sausage & peppers like we originally planned.

I'll end this post on a sweet note; the other night I decided to made homemade dark chocolate peanut butter cups... enough said.

Over the next few days you can expect a few new recipe posts, and a post about other bloggers' recipes I've been wanting to try! Until then, enjoy the holiday and get lots of rest!


  1. Wow......dark chocolate peanut butter cups....drooooooool.

    Everything looks so awesome!

  2. Everything looks delicious, I agree - even the dog treats!

    I am hoping that you'll be home for the holiday so I get to see you soon :)


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