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Recipes of the Future

Albeit having a nicely sized collection of both savory and sweet cookbooks, I usually end up searching for most of my recipes online (I use my cookbooks primarily for a few staple recipes I've grown fond of over the years). I'm a huge fan of visiting when in search of a specific recipe or ingredient, or even for just a little inspiration on a dull day. But I have a habit of bookmarking potential recipes in my browser... and then never looking at them again. After a while, the bookmarks accumulate and I'm left with so many to go through that I lose interest in them all-together.

But not this time. No, this time, I stopped myself before it got too out of hand. I took all those bookmarks, and I made them into a list. A list of recipes I'd like to get around to making eventually...

Chocolate Opera Cake
Espresso Chiffon Cake w/ Fudge Frosting
S'more Cakes
This amazing Lemon Chocolate Praline Cake
Buckeye Cake
Idle Hand Bars
Glazed Doughnuts
Mocha Buttercream
Lemon Meringue Cake

Cornmeal Parmesan Crackers
Parmesan Thyme Crackers
5-ingredient Harissa

English Muffins
Challah Bread
Braided Lemon Bread
Oatmeal Sandwich Bread
Chocolate Bread

(All those breads look lovely, however, I recently bought myself a much wanted copy of The Bread Bible, so I think I'll be referring primarily to that for most yeast recipes from now on...)

Oh, and of course... butter! The best ingredient ever.

Now, here's hoping I can form a new habit and just add to this list instead of adding to my bookmarks!