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Just a quick post...

Haven't had much to say these days, Shawn and I haven't done anything too terribly exciting lately. We're still cooking bunches though! Here are a few things we've made recently:

Shawn made poblano and anaheim pepper burgers (sliders, actually) last week... they were amazing! Topped with onions and pepper jack cheese, mmm.

Breakfast for dinner! Scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, and pancakes.

Lots and lots of veggies. Purple potatoes with chili peppers, black beans and rice, and sliced bell peppers.

Peanut butter mousse and chocolate pie... our friend Christine made one for us last week and it's been on my mind ever since, so I buckled down and recreated it. Hers had a graham cracker crust but I had some pie dough to use up so that's what I used!

Then I topped it all off with some whole wheat sesame pretzel! Super tasty, and so easy to make. Thanks for the recipe, Christine!

I also made some granola last week; the kitchen smelled like ginger and coconut :)

I know that isn't food, but it's food related! My trip to TJ Maxx yesterday yielded a few good finds. Shawn's been complaining about my old and hard to read measuring spoons and cups, so when I stumbled upon the orange kitchenaid ones that so conveniently match the orange theme that's developed in our kitchen, I figured he wouldn't mind me spending just a little money. Then I found the white stacking bowls with lids and I thought about the green set we already have and how we're always saying we should get another set... and so I bought those too! Now we have brand spankin' new stuff to smile about, and it all cost less than $10! Hurray!

Have a splendiferous day!


  1. Mmmmmm can you guys come over and cook for us? I'll take the peanut butter pie ANY day ;)

  2. It's delicious, Elyse, you would loves it.

  3. Ok, purple that some kind of culinary trick, or does this really exist? (I MUST GET SOME ASAP).

  4. They exist!!! The addition of a little lime juice really brightens them up. We first saw them on food network and then I found this recipe:
    The farmers market near us always carries them, so we pick them up when we're feeling funky. You can probably find them at Wegmans or Whole Foods though :)


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