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Things you've missed!

Silly business isn't all Shawn and I have been up to these days... we've been keeping busy in the kitchen, as always - trying new recipes and fine tuning old ones. This week we made two things that our kitchen has never seen before: homemade caesar dressing, and we cooked up some beautiful Chilean Sea Bass! The pictures don't do this fish justice.

Caesar salad with homemade dressing, and homemade whole wheat onion pizza.

A blurry sausage and peppers with broccoli and homemade cheese sauce.

Chilean Sea Bass from the local Farmer's Market in Ardmore; baked with lemon and butter, and served with a side of baked paprika french fries.


Enough savory! Where's the sweet stuff?


Chocolate cookie dough layer, graham cracker layer, peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough layer, and topped with marshmallows. The most awesome cookie layer bars made yet.

Fresh watermelon! Look at that color!


The newest addition to our home: two new gnome friends! One day we'll have a beautiful garden in which they can play.

Check out more photos on our Flickr!