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Pasta? Pizza? What's for dinner?

Last night Marine made dinner! (That would be me, she who is writing this post, which, oddly enough, I thought referring to myself in the third person would make more sense for the reader but now I've just gone and confused myself because I don't know whether to continue the post in third person or not... though it seems I've already decided against it.) Anywho, yes, I made dinner, for once, as Shawn kindly noted.

It's not that I never cook, I just choose to do so rarely. I can cook three things really well: grilled cheese sandwiches, basic pasta, and I can make eggs any way you want them. All of my other food skills rely on fairly exact measurements and the oven. So I guess it's not really a surprise that I can make a damn good pizza every once in a while. I've just never made such a fancy one before. I give you... Chicken Alfredo Pizza.

Chicken Alfredo... pizza?? Yes, it tastes just as amazing as it sounds. The pictures don't do it justice because the pizza was very drippy while hot, but you must. try. this. pizza. Please!

It is super duper filling too, so make sure you have an appetite! And finish the meal off with some homemade chocolate chip cookies too!

P.S... did you notice Shawn cut his hair? He's going for the classic American cut, by his standards; I like it :)