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Red Red Curry

I am proud to say we haven't eaten dinner out once since we've moved! Or lunch, for that matter. Now, I know we've only been here a week, but if you knew just how little home cooking we did before we moved, well, you'd be proud too.

Shawn made his second attempt at red curry last night - it turned out amazing! Definitely an improvement from his first attempt two weeks ago, but we forgot the peanuts yet again! You don't realize how much the peanuts really balance out the flavor of the coconut milk until they're missing. This time around we used red, green, and yellow peppers, carrots, string beans, and chicken; the carrots added a lovely crunch and all the different peppers add bursts of color throughout the dish. Just a few more tries until he makes it so well we'll think we teleported to Thailand or something!

There's a happy face :)