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Culinary Adventures

We've been cooking up a storm in our tiny kitchen lately!

Shawn's fourth time making chicken red curry and it was by far the best; I can only imagine how delicious it will be next time he makes it! It's amazing what a difference a little peanut and fish sauce make.

Smashed purple potatoes and homemade fried chicken... or Psychedelic Potatoes and Groovy Chicken, as Shawn has dubbed it. I recovered my candy/frying thermometer from my parents' house this weekend so we decided to try something new. This was our first time ever frying anything! And it was awesome! The panko coated the chicken perfectly and it was still so light, despite being fried. And the potatoes sprang to life (well, color) with the touch of a little lemon juice, which was really cool to see. A classier take on diner chicken strips and fries...

And of course, taco night. Seasoned beef tacos with pico de gallo and a little corn. It was such a colorful and filling meal!

On that note, at this rate we should have some recipes up soon! They just need a little touching up and then they'll be good enough to share. Hooray!