Wednesday, March 15


I've been slightly M.I.A. on the blog lately, but that's okay. (Funny, that's how my last snapshots post started too.) Honestly, I've been having a difficult time putting my thoughts into words lately - there's a lot I want to say but I want to do myself justice and say it like I mean it. So for now, a few photos from the past few months will have to do. My last snapshots post was in December... I haven't taken many photos since then. Mostly photos of Lloyd, as you can see. Something tells me y'all don't mind that though...

  • I graduated yoga teacher training! Approximately one month ago, and I've taught five classes since December. It's actually part of the reason I'm having a hard time focusing on the blog... I feel like I'm in a new chapter in my life and until I can find the right words to put the whole thing down on paper, I don't want to focus on writing much else. It's a work in progress. I'm a work in progress. (And it's also exciting as all hell!)
  • Lloyd and Sylvester have finally bonded. They've been living together almost three years, and much to Sly's dismay, Lloyd had no real interest in being around him until recently. Now we've been catching them together regularly! It's adorable.
  • I've been cooking so much more often. Potato, eggs, and spinach are lunch for me most afternoons (when you wake up at 3am, you kinda miss out on breakfast). But I've been making more elaborate dinners for Shawn and I most nights of the week. It's fun to be able to look through the fridge and come up with something on a whim! That's not something I was able to do before.
  • I bought plane tickets!!! I'm going to France and Spain in November! I land in Paris and leave from Madrid, hopefully seeing some family in between. The tickets were super cheap so I went ahead and bought 'em. The plan is to go with two other girlfriends and spend a week exploring. I turn 30(!!!) at the end of October, so I'm considering it a birthday celebration of sorts.
  • I also bought tickets to see Incubus in July. It will be my third time seeing them - they're amazing live! I'm still a little upset about leaving the last concert early, even though Shawn and I had a bad time because of some of the people that were around us. This time I'm going with a girlfriend and you can bet your ass we're staying for the whole show.
I only just caught up on the last 4+ weeks of my feed reader. What have you guys been up to?

Friday, March 10

Fun Finds Friday #138

  • The most amazing cat bed, that they'll never use.
  • We need a new needle for our record player... or just a new record player...
  • I've made this recipe twice already in the past week!
  • I've always wanted my bedroom to be a literal bedroom.


Sunday, February 26

The Anthropologie Black Hole

The Anthropologie catalog came in the mail yesterday... I can usually flip through it pretty quickly and get on with my day, but their spring line up is pretty tight this year. I couldn't help myself, and spent a little a lot of time browsing their website this afternoon. Since I haven't done an Anthro round-up in a while, I thought I'd procrastinate today and show you a few things that caught my eye...

  • This jacket is amazing. I could see it pairing well with most of my dresses. And everything else in my closet.
  • A skirt that's also not-so-secretly pants? So ridiculous, I can't help but love it.
  • Of course a striped sweater caught my eye. 80% of my shirts have dolman sleeves.
  • Wide leg cropped trousers are so hot right now, and I can't help but wonder if I could pull them off...

  • Red? Check. Stripes? Check. Asymmetrical? Check. This dress? Check.
  • I'm on a jumpsuit kick right now. The colors in this one are on point.
  • I want to do yoga in this. It looks so freaking comfortable!
  • Want a jumpsuit that's both casual and fancy? I want a spring wedding to go to so I can wear it there.

Other honorable mentions: short-alls that remind me of an apron, a gingham dress, another striped sweater, the same dress as above but more colorful, and an embroidered peplum top.

Now that I've thoroughly wasted three hours of my day (and probably yours too), I'm going to attempt to go do something much more productive. You should probably do the same.

Friday, February 17

Fun Finds Friday #137

  • This bag is for kids, but I'd totally rock it.
  • I made this salad last weekend and - WOAH! SO GOOD.
  • I am feeling so much kimono love lately.
  • This look exudes comfort! I wish there were a Prana store on the east coast.

  • I want to build/live in an Earthship sooooo bad. Been telling Shawn that for years!
  • Must make this.
  • On making friends; lowering your expectations and putting yourself out there.
  • Ain't nobody got time for assholes. (Yes, thank you for all three thoughts, Anthony Bourdain!)
  • The busy person's guide to reducing stress.

Happy Friday!!!!


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